TBR Mixmaster, passionately also known as The Blue Room is an online audio mixing and music production service run by Singapore based Eddie Niguel. Founded in 2014, The Blue Room specializes in, but doesn’t limit itself to, electronic, ambient, pop and other forms of new music. The Blue Room’s workstation is built around analog and digital equipments chosen for its warm, rich characteristics and hi quality sound manipulation digital tools for it’s precision. Eddie Niguel relies on his skill set and experience of more than 15 years in the electronic music business to lend an ear and help you realized your creative vision and musical goals. As of 2015, The Blue Room has extended it’s services to include professional digital and analog mastering services as well as administer vinyl pressings for it’s clients. Read more >

KiNK – Chorus


MR. G – Black Pepper Crab

Karim Sahraoui – Le Jardin Bleu

Amelie Lens – Exhale


Kaspar – Let Me Be – Kirk Degiorgio

NT89 – Raw Fantasy – Kocleo Remix




What our friends say...

“You did a great job, thank you very much!!!! - KiNK (Ovum / Running Back)
"Special thanks to TBR.Mixmaster for a stunning job once again!!!”
- NT89 (Lyase Recordings / Food Music)
"Thanks again guys for your professionalism! New Mirakles Music sounds amazing! 
God bless you” 
- Karim Sahraoui (Transmat / Mirakles Music)
"Amazing Mix and Master from TBR.Mixmaster! Never fail to take my productions to the next level! Top work!” - Emseatee (8KO Records)
"Prompt, on point and undoubtedly one of the best in mastering for our releases” -
Kavan Spruyt (Midnight Shift) 

Audio Examples