What is mixing?
Mixing is the art of getting a well balanced level soundfield with equalization, reverberation and delays among other finer details like employing De-essing on vocals etc. It is also a process which is key prior to getting your music prepared for the final mastering stage. “The key to a great master is to start with a great mix” – Bob Katz.

Do you accept every mixing project?
No, i won’t take on a project that i don’t feel is right for me. While i offer “indie rates”, my service aren’t exactly cheap either and the last thing i wanna do is waste your money or time if i feel that your project is not suitable for me or if it’s not the type of music i would enjoy mixing.

What is the average turn around time for a mix?
The best way to figure that out is to contact me to check my current schedule. Unless I’m away, on vacation or in the middle of a project, I can usually schedule a new mix project within a day or two. Each song will usually take 7 working days depending on how well the original parts were recorded and if any editing work is required before mixing. Badly recorded parts and missing files will hold up the mixing process longer so please make sure you check your work before sending it over to me.

What is mastering?
Mastering, is the final step in processing, error checking and presenting audio. It is the process of optimizing audio, before preparing and transferring recorded audio to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication, replication or distribution)

What is the average turn around time for a mastering?
Depending on the kind of mastering service you require, it usually takes 5-7 working days for a digital master and to 2 weeks for a vinyl master. Contact me to check on the current waiting time.  

Do you do instrumental, A Capella, or other alternate mixes?
Yes, i will usually include an instrumental mix and vocals only mix at no additional charge. If you need special radio edits, or other special requirements, there will be an additional fee.

What is included in the price?
Included in my fee is the initial mix or master with additional revisions included if needed. You will get the final high resolution 24bit .wav file of your full mix, as well as any agreed upon alternate mixes (instrumentals, vocals only) all delivered via The Blue Room secure dropbox. If you need a physical master copy mailed to you, there will be an extra charge for the CD and shipping. If any of your tracks need cleaning up or editing of any kind to make them ready to/for mix, there will be an additional charge for that time.

Can you make my masters really loud?
Yes i can but it’s worth remembering that loudness comes at the expense of dynamic range. I always aim to have a balanced, dynamic and competitively loud master to get the best of both world.

Can i hear samples of your works?
Yes, just check out our news section, sample page or official youtube channel for some examples.

Do you offer any kind of free or discounted mix?
No i don’t, but i will go out of my way to make sure you are completely satisfied with the mix i do for you. I offer a discount only if you are having me mix your entire album or in special circumstances where i really, really love your music and would like to trade with you to help me out with some of my own projects or productions.

I have other questions!
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any further questions you may have.