Vinyl Cut

$542,- Flat rate, 2x Tracks
$790,- Flat rate, 4x Tracks

• Sound correction
• Vinyl masters & test cuts

• International shipping of master lacquers to vinyl pressing plants
• Incl. consultation
Vinyl Manufacturing [7"/10"/12"]
From the delivery of your master lacquers to the pressing plant, i would be happy to share with you my experience for a smooth run of your next project. Current delivery time upon receiving your master lacquers for all major plants is about 10-12 weeks. I can help you expedite a turnaround in approximately 10 weeks. Service starts from a minimum press of 100 white label copies to 300 full coloured vinyl art packages and more. Feel free to contact me for a quote.

Payment Terms:
For new customers, immediate payment must be made upon receipt of the invoice.
Payment can be made via bank transfer or paypal.
All prices are in Singapore Dollars (SGD$).

Subject to our terms and conditions.

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